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Apr. 1st, 2008

Yuki : Are You Talking To Me?


icon post #03 (80 Various)

Fan art to be found in this entry. If that isn't your thing, then don't look. No spoilers.

Commenting is nice and so is credit.

× 13 FF VII Fan Art
× 10 Suikoden Fan Art (III, V)
× o6 FF VII AC
× 22 FF VII CC
× o3 FF VII
× o2 FF VII Last Order
× o9 Peacemaker Kurogane
× 11 Artwork (Korean Artists)
× o4 Star Ocean (Bowen)

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Mar. 16th, 2008

Tear : Songstress


icon post #02 (49 Various)

There is nothing particularly special about this entry. Most of these are really old that have been sitting around for several months I didn't feel were worth posting up at all on my old icon journal, lol. 8D At this point, I want to be rid of them, and maybe someone will appreciate them.

Commenting is nice and credit is great. Not hotlinking would be fantastic, too.

× 12 Bleach
× o5 Crisis Core
× o6 d.gray-man
× o3 FF IV DS
× o6 FF VII AC
× o2 FF DoC
× o2 FF VII
× o3 FF X-2
× o2 Suikoden V
× o8 Tsubasa

49 Various Vgames/Animanga IconsCollapse )

Mar. 12th, 2008

Tear : Songstress


icon post #01 (74 DMC)

Comment and I certainly cannot force you to credit, but it would be nice to have a shout out all the same. Credit can go to either skyrend or heytherelisten.

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